Media Design Solutions

Audio-Visual technology along with the latest animation technology is fast becoming the most suitable and preferred medium for communication of ideas and messages.

1. Corporate Presentations

Onward Solutions provides a wide range of multimedia presentations, providing complete satisfaction to the clients.
We enhance the presentation with soothing background music, voice over, great animation effects and variety of text display leaves a long lasting impact on your target audience. A Multimedia Presentation can alone do the miracle of your sales team and can explain the services in a manner to your customer that you won't feel any absence of your sales person.

White Board / Explainer Video Presentations

If you have a complex product or service that needs explanation in the simplest way possible, whiteboard can come in handy. With a sequence of drawn illustrations, Whiteboard animation can give you a simple yet entertaining video. It’s a widely accepted fact that video is the most popular content formats online. A video would elaborate a company offerings or a product briefing in a limited time simplifying the entire process of making the user understand what you intended to communicate.

PowerPoint Presentations

Onward Solutions offers an efficient, affordable and very cost-effective PowerPoint presentation services with minimum hassles. PowerPoint helps you put together visually compelling, well-organized presentations to print or view on screen as slide shows. Your PowerPoint presentations can be easily converted to printable version (pdf format). We build fast, effective and optimized PowerPoint Presentations that will load up quickly in all browsers for maximum marketing results.

Multimedia Presentation

Onward Solutions designs and develops Dynamic / Interactive Multimedia Presentations, in such a manner that they have the desired functionality interlaced with visual pleasure. They enable you to convey your message in a more distinctive manner and generate a lasting impression. While communicating about your business or your company, you need to be as neat & concise as possible. You need to be able to understand the general profile of your target audience (stack holder, your vendor, your clients, your staff etc.) and target them accordingly.

CD Presentations

Are your tired of with your printed business presentations? Onward Solutions offers you the best services in CD Presentations. Now be a professional in business attitude and present your valid services and business offers through CD-ROM Presentations. CD-ROM Presentations includes graphics, animations and images. A CD-ROM presentation created by Onward Solutions offers our customers the benefit strategically business promotion and economic advantage.

2. 2D / 3D Animations

Onward Solutions can professionally execute your meaningful communication, whether it's business purposes or other necessities into real motion pictures.

Our 2D / 3D animation production steps includes: Pre-Production; Storyboarding; Character Designing; Designing Backgrounds / Backdrops; Coloured Background (BG Colouring); Creating Animations; Reviewing & Clean-Up; Post–Production; Professional Voice recording and integration; Music composition; Animation Compilation and Final review of 2D / 3D Animated Movies.

3. 3D Rendering

In today’s environment, 3D walkthrough animations have emerged as a boon for the architectural and construction sector. You can now view the interior design of a residential, commercial or industrial structure by virtually walking through it and taking a look around. Gone are the days when architects were depending upon time-consuming and burdensome hand drawn sketches to create only a broad idea of the end product. With the advent of 3D walkthrough animation services, it becomes easier to showcase a structural project to investors or customers well ahead of its construction.

Our experienced 3D artists can produce a smooth and eye-catching walkthrough after developing the three-dimensional model of the structure and incorporating all the essential details. Then, your customers can undertake a virtual tour of the interior of the building and have a realistic and absorbing experience of what to expect when it is finished.

Onward Solutions delivers technologically brilliant 3D floor plans that won't give you any scope to complain. So, experience them for yourself by contacting us at the earliest!